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PIG DESTROYER "Pornographers Of Sound: Live In NYC"

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PIG DESTROYER share Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC recorded live at Saint Vitus Bar across two dates in October 2019. Pornographers of Sound: Live in NYC features 23 tracks spanning PIG DESTROYER’s massive discography featuring classics and extreme deep cuts!

Track listing :
1. Sis (Live)
2. The American's Head (Live)
3. Eve (Live)
4. Loathsome (Live)
5. Scarlet Hourglass (Live)
6. Thumbsucker (Live)
7. The Gentleman (Live)
8. Sourheart (Live)
9. Concrete Beast (Live)
10. Rotten Yellow (Live)
11. Deathtripper (Live)
12. Circle River (Live)
13. Totaled (Live)
14. Crippled Horses (Live)
15. Gravedancer (Live)
16. The Machete Twins (Live)
17. Jennifer (Live)
18. Cheerleader Corpses (Live)
19. Scatology Homework (Live)
20. Trojan Whore (Live)
21. Piss Angel (Live)
22. Starbelly (Live)
23. Junkyard God (Live)


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