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Deathwish Inc

CULT LEADER "Useless Animal"

"CULT LEADER are a chaotically aggressive band from Salt Lake City, Utah. “Useless Animal” is the three song follow up to their acclaimed debut, “Nothing For Us Here” (Deathwish 2014). Both “Useless Animal” and “Gutter Gods” are full bore assaults on the senses. A grinding combination of otherworldly heaviness and deafening distortion. Both played with a guttural ferocity and rage that few bands could ever tap into. The B-Side, however, shows CULT LEADER expanding their sonic horizons. Joining forces with Subrosa members for a stunning cover of the Mark Kozelek & Desertshore number “You Are Not My Blood”. Paying respect to the somber original while still infecting it with their own brand of creative darkness."

Track Listing
01. Useless Animal
02. Gutter Gods
03. You Are Not My Blood