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Secret Voice


A new collection of poems by Alexis Marshall (Daughters, Solo artist) and Dan Darrah (Mil-Spec, solo artist).

After a mutually busy 2019, Dan Darrah and Alexis Marshall began writing the poems that would soon become Moving Windows as miniature travelogues, small mappable glances at the world. These soon developed, amidst the quiet of the year to come, into broader meditations on distance, space, place, and movement. At the book’s middle, a kind of equator, the two pass the torch from one to the other, illuminating all that’s common on the rickety road forward.

"Most of my poems are about “peopling” movement and distance: who was in the car with you, the rest stop, the train; who sat with you at a dinner table that is not your own; who stole your attention away from the present moment, the place. And where on the map you were, and why, and what it all meant." - Dan Darrah

"If I had to say something meaningful, I likely didn’t. I do my best to be kindly observant when traveling without being oppressively obvious about my judgmental inner monologue. This is the nature of writing while traveling: lost in self, surrounded by the great everything, selfish in and out of self confidence and self delusion. There are no answers here." - Alexis Marshall

First Edition
34 Pages
Saddle Stitched
Flippable / Reversible covers
Housed in resealable cellophane protective bag
Design by Nick Steinhardt