Viral Age Records

DEAD IN THE WOODS "The Sign of the Son of Man"


"Describing themselves as “His Hero Is Hawkwind” DITW layered their seriously heavy riffageddon with snarling vocals and some rather nice theremin abuse. It’s like early Baroness have commandeered a Martian flying saucer and are scorching the earth with lethal death rays. The band have recently split but the majority of them can now be found in new band Nadir whose recent gigs have seen them showcasing a style that sounds like a sludgecore take on Japanese psych legends Les Rallizes Denudes’ blown out legacy (yes really!)" (Cvlt Nation)

Track Listing
01. Calvaire
02. Frontier Town
03. Beyond Tannhauser Gate
04. The Awakening
05. Enlil Banished
06. Hellmouth
07. Hoyerswerda
08. Twin Sundown Of Zeta Reticuli