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Halo Of Flies

DEATHRITE "Into Extinction"

"Undoubtedly the definite embodiment of the unholy alliance of music's heaviest spawns. Already smashing skulls and breaking necks with their previous releases, their 1st proper full-length 'Into Extinction' even exceeds these earlier recordings with its uncontainable fury, knuckle-dragging brutality and filthy riff bombardment. DEATHRITE merged only the most severe elements of death metal, grindcore, hardcore and punk to create an absolutely merciless, harsh record that stands out like a monument of savagery in nowadays watered down scene."

Track Listing
01. Forsaken Tombs
02. Breathing Doom
03. Kingdom
04. Born Under A Guilotine
05. Into Extinction
06. Revenge & Reparations
07. Failure Of Existence
08. Plagues
09. Deathbed
10. Infernal Void
11. The Golden Age