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7 Degrees Records

DEPHOSPHORUS "Ravenous Solemnity"


"At one with the cosmos and blast-beats. Throats howling for the constellations. Scrappy riffs kicked up from the dust of a dying star. Calling out Mother Nature. Shredding the extreme and the cosmic into a heavy and metaphysical haze. Endorsing the cosmic, the mind expanding, the ancient… astrogrind.

“Ravenous Solemnity”, the 2nd full-length album by Greece’s DEPHOSPHORUS (succeeding 2012’s critically acclaimed “Night Sky Transform”,) sees the band at their most intense and majestic to date. With the addition of drummer John Votsis, one the most talented and dedicated musicians of the local Greek scene, “Ravenous Solemnity” is a dense, 43-minute-long odyssey that traverses heaven and earth in the name of glorious metal.

Destined to be a classic gem in any extreme audiophile’s record collection, “Ravenous Solemnity” is illustrated with stunning artwork by analog visionaries Viral Graphics, and packaged as a glorious gatefold double LP pressed on 180g wax. “Ravenous Solemnity,” will see a European release through 7 Degrees Records, and a North American debut through Handshake Inc."

Track Listing
01. Reversed Into Contraction
02. There Is A Color
03. Ancient Drone
04. Dark On Dark
05. Astrocyte Portal
06. Storming The Sloan Wall
07. False Vacuum
08. Ravenous Solemnity
09. Towards The Cold, Mysterious Infinity
10. Hammer Of Logic
11. Fountain Of Daggers
12. Buried Alive In Obsolescence
13. Glorification Of The Anti-Life Equation
14. Vicious Infinite Regress