De Graanrepubliek



"DRAINLAND from Ireland once again return with their sludge crust Bovine noise hardcore thing. Two songs in their DRAINLAND signature. CELLGRAFT from Florida on the other side with a mixture between Discordance Axis and a uhm vacuumcleaner. Over the top noisy grindcore. You should like this."

Track Listing
01. Drainland - Alpha Rat
02. Drainland - The Ghost Of Warren Street
03. Cellgraft - Obsolescence
04. Cellgraft - Blind Constituency
05. Cellgraft - Abdication
06. Cellgraft - Chronological Enslavemen
07. Cellgraft - Weapon Abuse
08. Cellgraft - Deformed Resonations
09. Cellgraft - Amelioration Lapse