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ELIZABETH "Where Vultures Land - Deluxe Edition"


"Formed in 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland, ELIZABETH has quickly built a reputation with their retentless brand of hardcore/crust and energetic live shows that brought them from La Havane to St Petersburg. This LP combines all their existing material on the same record : a repress of the 2012 "Where Vultures Land" 12"EP and for the first time on vinyl their 2010 demo - five tracks that show a band that has been impressing since day one. All packaged in a deluxe jacket and with a brand new cover art."

Tracks 1-8 appear on "Where Vultures Land" (2012)
Tracks 9-13 appear on "Demo" (2010)

Housed in a reverse-board heavy jacket with spot UV varnish, comes on white vinyl.

Track Listing
01. Darkness
02. The Call
03. Sharp Teeth & Knives
04. Sailor’s Grave
05. Candles
06. Black Eyed
07. Heartbeats
08. Rising Kingdom
09. Private Eye
10. Buried
11. Dead Ends
12. Half Measure
13. Pouring Sand