Halo Of Flies

ENABLER "All Hail The Void"


"ENABLER from Milwaukee are a terrifying collision of metal, punk, crust and hardcore. They batter with a lethal methodical precision that completely flattens everything in their wake. They have previously released several recordings on tape, lp etc.. but, All Hail the Void can for all intents and purposes be called their debut. It was recorded by guitarist Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, The Risk Taken). Enabler drummer is none other than Andy Hurley (Fallout Boy, The Damned Things, Earth Crisis) but make no mistake, Enabler sounds absolutely nothing like those bands! That being said, Andy is one of the best all-around metal drummers there is. Enabler has come to slay..."

Track Listing
01. F.A.T.H.
02. The Heathens
03. Speechless
04. Fuck Today
05. False Profit
06. All Hail The Void
07. True Love
08. They Live, We Sleep
09. No Deliverance
10. Save Yourself
11. Trust
12. Funeral Dirge