L'Oeil Du Tigre

EXPECTORATED SEQUENCE "The Prolonged Disaster"


"Six years after dropping Hair Bomb, their first album, local hardcore collective EXPECTORATED SEQUENCE is back, angrier than ever, with The Prolonged Disaster. As presaged on Hair Bomb (on which the last track was titled the same as this new CD), this so-called "disaster" is an explosive follow-up where the band covers even wider territories of the "loud" spectrum. While You’ll Dance and The Bombardment Begins have punk and math rock elements, firebrands like From Now On should ignite screamo aficionados. Even though the project’s musical palette is wider, EXPECTORATED SEQUENCE still delivers a homogenous, linear concept album that may be hard to digest upon first listen, but is so rewarding in the end."

Track Listing
01. Gathering Strength
02. You'll Dance
03. The Bombardment Begins
04. From Now On
05. Scum of the Earth
06. Hairy Days
07. Another Mayday
08. Battle
09. Black Laugh
10. Comfort and Discouragement
11. Terminus
12. Dark and Bright
13. Eugene
14. Mourning Melody
15. My Steady Ground
16. Building a Freedom --- Lullaby