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FALL OF MESSIAH "Empty Colors"


"Fall Of Messiah is a post rock / screamo band from north of France FFO : Pianos become the teeth / State faults / If these trees could talk / Russian circles. 'Empty colors is a fatalist image of time passing in people’s lives, like the Colors of life are fading and being replaced by solitude. The artwork is a collaboration with Vincent Michelot (FOV Tattoo, Lille, Fr), and our vision of the endless struggle of being alone, by choice or not. EMPTY COLORS means : "End My Pain, These Yelling Colors Of Life, Of Resigned Sadness."

Track Listing:
01. Monochromic Synesthesia
02. The Grey Heart Blues
03. Blue Ruin
04. I Always Thought That One Day Everything Would Be Settled, But Everything Just Went Black.
05. Alors On Est La, A Pisser Sur Du Cuivre...
06. Rust
07. Vert-De-Gris