Lost Pilgrims Records

FANGE "Poisse"

"Formed in late 2013 by Baptiste from Brain Pyramid and Benjamin from Huata, FANGE (meaning “mire” in french) is a simple project. Making harsh riffs and hard beats, playing them loud, with a huge amount of distorted sounds and feedbacks.

All you’ll find here is a huge amount of fuzz and distortion, out of hand feedbacks, low tuning and big amps, heavy beats and fat kicks, distorded vocals, wall of noises. Sinking into a dirty and filthy noise-sludge to exorcize the human grime and primal idioms conveyed by all the summer and warm stuff, we are in deep mud. Fvck mankind."

Track Listing
01. Grêle Molle
02. Cloches Fendues
03. Ammoniac
04. Suaire
05. ...
06. Lucifour