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Twisted Chords



"The third record from FINISTERRE: after the split LP with Alpinist and the "Bitter songs"-album (2010) Cologne`s finest are back with four new songs and a beautiful looking 12"-record. "Hexis" makes up where FINISTERRE had ceased: a unique and damn exciting blend of dark melancholy post-hardcore, heavy d-beat and dark crustpunk, incredibly direct and intense. FINISTERRE are not one of this faceless d-beat-cover-bands, they found their really own sound and are playing in a league with the good and important bands of this genre like Fall of Efrafa, Alpinist or even Tragedy. Hardcore with a crust edge, varied and with a darkness that can even draw dark clouds in the sky on a bright summer day. Sometimes metallic, sometimes melodic, with great vocals and deep political lyrics."

Track Listing
01. broken thoughts
02. potential threat
03. maturity
04. coffee killer