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Relapse Records

GATECREEPER "Sonoran Depravation"


Arizona newcomers GATECREEPER deliver 9 monstrous songs of low-end, old-school death metal on their savage debut album 'Sonoran Depravation'. Having devastated the underground since their formation less than three years ago, GATECREEPER now unleash their first full-length, produced by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Nails, Black Breath) at God City Studios. 'Sonoran Depravation' tears and chugs through 30+ minutes of crusty, doom-soaked death metal at its most infectious and uncompromising with a massive sound that calls to mind the classic Swedish buzz-saw attack of Dismember and Grave mixed with the impeccable groove of Obituary and Bolt Thrower. GATECREEPER are here to carry the death metal torch for a new generation and will shake your foundation to its core.

Track Listing
01. Craving Flesh
02. Sterilized
03. Desperation
04. Rotting As One
05. Stronghold
06. Patriarchal Grip
07. Lost Forever
08. Flamethrower
09. Grotesque Operations