Emergence Records

GERANIÜM "Self-Titled"


"GERANIÜM play a dark, metallic, and crust influenced style of hardcore. This is the band's debut LP and features eight tracks of brutal, punishing, and oppressive sounding music. GERANIÜM have a strong German influence and play music in a similar vein to Alpinist, Black Freighter, Perth Express, and Momentum. Seriously, this album is beyond amazing. I try to use the word amazing sparingly these days, but Geranium have created one hell of an album with their self-titled LP."

Track Listing
01. Homeostasis
02. Condoning The Leak
03. No Second Chance
04 .Ils arriveront dans un murmure puis disparaitront dans le brouillard et la terre
05. I've Got A Bigger Than Yours (Even If I Got Titles)
06. Les cathedrales du vide
07. And This Strange Sensation Of Being Nowhere At Home
08. Fashion Fuck Off