De Graanrepubliek



"So here’s the much anticipated first vinyl output by SUFFERING QUOTA. Their last years demo already promised some great tunes for the future and they sure don’t let us down on their side of this 7”. A raw mix of Phobia and Assuck inspired grind with some crusty grooves and moshable breakdowns. Quality stuff with the only downside being it’s only three songs leaving you hungry for more. GRINDING HALT on their side start off with a hyperfast song in an almost Charles Bronson like way. The other song is a bit more midtempo with a Fingerprint feel to it, but heavier. Buzzsaw guitars, rumbling bass, all over the place drumming and insane screaming, Well it’s still GRINDING HALT. Well done. Artwork by Steve Larder from Moloch fame."

Track Listing
01. Grinding Halt - Kaaskoppen
02. Grinding Halt - Knuffelverzet
03. Grinding Halt - Bedrog
04. Suffering Quota - No Lust For Life
05. Suffering Quota - Becoming One With the Filth
06. Suffering Quota - Goodbye Self Awareness