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HANGMAN'S CHAIR "Hope///Dope///Rope"

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"Here is the "Hope///Dope///Rope" CD reissue, this is HANGMAN'S CHAIR third length originally released in 2012 just on vinyl format. This CD version comes with three bonus tracks taken from two split singles with Drawers and Acid Deathtrip. Following the success of their fourth album "This Is Not Supposed To Be Positive" (2015), this reissue confirms the HANGMAN'S CHAIR trademark with multiple and dark stoner riffs and heavy and doomy drums parts."

Track Listing
01. the saddest call
02. open veins
03. ain't living long like that
04. december
05. a scar to remember
06. alley's end
07. Hope///Dope///Rope
08. i am the problem
09. the rest is silence...
10. gallow's dance