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Les Acteurs De L'Ombre

HEIR "Au Peuple De L'Abime"


Their first tracks are noticed thanks to the powerful and disturbing intensity released by the Black Metal breaks and accelerations combined with the uncanny quiet of slow and atmospheric melodies, evocating an oppressive anxiety and a deep torment. The pillars on which the band stands are the tales of human weakness and cowardice, and the exercice of its enslavement to these vices. The band’s influences are the Black Metal and recent french Post-Black Metal scenes as well as the north-american references of Postcore, but the exploitation of its themes leads the band to make a cross-influencial music, mixing them to Sludge, Post-Rock or even Stoner, creating a really contrasted, but coherent and unified music.

Track Listing :
1. Au Siècle des Siècles
2. L'Heure D'Hélios
3. Meltem
4. L'Ame des Foules
5. Cendres