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Les Acteurs De L'Ombre



In Cauda Venenum delivers an interpretation of Angelo Badalamenti's masterpiece, Laura Palmer's Theme, originally found on the Twin Peaks original soundtrack. This 15 minutes long track is a depiction of the fragility and silent distress expressed by the devastated body of a self-destructive and lost teenager found ashore, It's is the first collaboration between IN CAUDA VENENUM and the cello player Raphaël Verguin (Psygnosis, Xevnnizh).

Heir's powerful and intense music oscillates between relentless accelerations and spellbinding melodies; the end result is a nefarious atmosphere that draws from the harshness of Black Metal and the complexity of post-rock. HEIR pays a real homage to the great names of Black Metal without ever taking the easy route.

Spectrale is the brainchild of multifaceted artist, Jeff Grimal ( The Great Old Ones). Along with Jean-Baptiste Poujol, he has created a universe built on mesmerizing melodies, ethereal atmospheres, colors and images.Spectrale is an invitation to a journey far beyond the physical world, an experience no words words cannot fully describe.

Track Listing :
1. SPECTRALE - Sagittarius A
2. HEIR - Descent
3. IN CAUDA VENENUM - Laura Palmer, Agonie À Twin Peaks
4. SPECTRALE - Al Ashfar
5. HEIR - Upon The Masses
6. SPECTRALE - Crépuscule
7. HEIR - Sectarism