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Church Of Fuck



"FFO: Integrity, Young And In The Way, The Banner, Ringworm, Entombed, All Pigs Must Die. The Holy Terror-inspired Norwegians HEKSED have partnered with fellow worshippers at the Process church DTHSKRS (Deathseekers) to summon the end of days. Following limited releases on Thirty Days Of Night (Gallows, Dead Swans) and The Charming Project (Twitching Tongues, Ruckus), HEKSED unleash two tracks channelling the power and feel of the 90’s Clevo hardcore scene. With a ferocity that harks back to the likes of In Cold Blood and ‘Systems Overload’-era Integrity, it’s clear to see that they’re one of the most venomous bands currently active in mainland Europe. On the flip side, Belgium’s DEATHSEEKERS continue in their quest to create the definitive soundtrack to the vvorld’s end. Following on from their 2013 seven-inch on Peasant Burning, the quartet deliver two ferocious cuts that have as much in common with Kickback and Arkangel as they do with Entombed and Mayhem. Nihilistic blackened hardcore of the highest order. Prepare to vvitness the end."

Track Listing
01. Heksed - Human filler
02. Heksed - Nine year collapse
03. Deathseekers - Carnage
04. Deathseekers - Final Judgement