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We could stop there, because quite frankly it?s all you need to understand about this album and the raw emotions it?ll draw.

This is HELPLESS, a band that dredge the dark recesses of their minds and musical capabilities to make music solely on their own terms and for their own enjoyment. Having previously delivered on their promising self titled EP, HELPLESS have returned with a savagely blunt album that not only increases their sonic intensity tenfold, but expands their palate from a chaotic hardcore base into Grindcore, noise rock and even figurative elements of death and black metal. This is not for the faint of heart.

HELPLESS are set to release their debut album, DEBT via Holy Roar on September 8 2017. Debt, a 10 song excursion in dissonance, does everything it needs to in the time it takes most bands to open up. This is no drawn out prog opus; instead, a supremely dark, engagingly short, sharp, shock to the system. Amidst all the chaotic rawness are moments of calm and amongst the visceral anger and fetid bile there emerges discernible beauty.

If further musical pointers are needed then perhaps the menace of early Gaza and the turn-on-a-dime musical dexterity of Breather Resist often combined with Grindcore would be a good place to start. Elements of Coalesce-type dissonance can also be detected.

Track Listing:
01. Worth
02. Out Of Commission
03. Grief Vultures
04. Moral Bankruptcy
05. Sertraline
06. Weightless Prayers
07. Ceremony Of Innocence
08. Sinkhole
09. Manufactured Consent
10. Denied Sale