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Moment Of Collapse



"HIRO from Besancon and WHO NEEDS MAPS from Lyon/Dijon share this split. Expect dark heavy hardcore punk in the vein of many other french bands. HIRO contribute 4 songs. Dark, always with a smooth crusty touch, songs which are not so "stoner" like some older songs. Switching from fast to slower parts. Always reminding on Gantz. Fine melodies meet heavy parts. HIRO made a really progress on this record. The songs are more multifaceted and the two (often different) guitars give the songs a unique dynamic. WHO NEEDS MAPS really know how to convince on this split. The Songs are much better than the LP. Harder but also catchier in the same way. The drums really push the songs forward. I think they really sound like a mix of Kaospilot and some classic US-screamo bands here. WNM are not as heavy as HIRO but they have more melodic parts in their songs. Both bands perfectly fit together."

Track Listing
01. Hiro - L'Errance
02. Hiro - La Tentation
03. Hiro - Les Cent Pas
04. Hiro - L'Exil
05. Who Needs Maps - I
06. Who Needs Maps - II