HIS HERO IS GONE "Monuments To Thieves"

Memphis, TN's His Hero Is Gone's quick sophomore follow-up to "Fifteen Counts Of Arson" could be seen as a refinement, a continuation or a reflection of the first, as it volleys another 15 songs of intense, down-tuned hardcore blasting, fast with riveting drumming, pounding bass, and stopping briefly on somber dirge to launch direct lyrics about technology, oppression, and institutionalized racism of their hometown. Eleven years after the album's 1997 release, Memphis's Auction Avenue, featured on the front of record, was renamed in honor of Memphis civil-rights lawyer and businessman A.W. Willis Jr. Despite this, Progress Avenue, on the back, is still a dead-end street. Now available again on vinyl. 

Track Listing:  
01. Like Weeds 
02. Monuments To Thieves 
03. Paranoia Secured 
04. Carry On 
05. Automation 
06. Cavities 
07. Chain Of Command 
08. Headless/Heartless 
09. Hinges 
10. Sin & Vice 
11. The Mess 
12. Disease Of Ease 
13. Under Watchful Eyes 
14. Stacks 
15. The Unwanted Child