Adagio 830

HOAX "Self-Titled"


"Western Massachusetts' HOAX presents their highly anticipated self-titled, self-released 12 song debut LP. After a relentless string of EP's and tours, this release marks a new standard in DIY hardcore punk. Taking their pummeling, mid-tempo sound and expanding it into something far sicker and hideous, they have leveled the horizon with a series of anthems as you've never heard before. A huge collaborative effort masterfully engineered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air studios, this LP features contributions from 14 of the underground's finest artists and comes housed in a full-color, double-scored folder enclosing 6 double-sided poster sized inserts."

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. Hide
03. No Spirit
04. Drive
05. Lost Control
06. Sick Punk
07. Anesthetize
08. Manhood
09. Blind
10. Fear
11. Destroy
12. Los Angeles