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IDYLLS "The Barn"

"Many things in life are easy. Instantly rewarding. 

These things are also dirty. Lacking in substance or nutrition for the body or mind. 

IDYLLS are not an easy band to digest or decipher. Idylls take patience. IDYLLS demand attention. In case you hadn’t noticed - paying attention and making an effort provides reward and enrichment. 

IDYLLS is a waterfall of dissonance, the powerful sonic oscillations between open wound and healing process. Their abrasive sound is a meticulous ode to self-limitations and a no-wave desire to remain scattered, chronically shedding through selves and genres. 

Following their heavily appraised LP Prayer for Terrene (2014) the Brisbane outfit are now about to release their third LP “The Barn” - a unique sound that reflects on beauty under bruised hope and the callous of irony. 

Plainly: Idylls have eschewed many of their previous metallic, grinding elements in favour of something all the more unnerving and ‘sleazy’ sounding - without foregoing precisely constructed chaos. An energetic, vital record that draws upon the finest elements of artists such as The Birthday Party, John Zorn, Daughters, Pissed Jeans and their ilk…..brace. Brace."

Track Listing:  
01. No Virility 
02. Neuroqueering On Shift 
03. Learnt young 
04. On My Chopping 
05. Muck And Vulnerability 
06. Maslows Dogs 
07. Choke Opportunity 
08. Glare From The Shallow Basin 
09. In The Barn