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ILL OMEN "Enthroning The Bonds Of Abhorrence"


Enthroning The Bonds Of Abhorrence’ is a crushing experience. Haunting, ethereal Black Metal imbued with the desperate pathos and hopeless despair of funeral doom, Ill Omen’s second full-length constitutes a bleak and harrowing journey. Destination: darkness, death, dejection. If the void had a sound, this would be it.

Track Listing :
1. Abhorrence I
2. Abhorrence II
3. Abhorrence III
4. Abhorrence IV
5. Abhorrence V
6. Abhorrence VI
7. Abhorrence VII
8. Abhorrence VIII
9. Abhorrence IX
10. Abhorrence X
11. Abhorrence XI