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ILSA "Intoxicantations"


Following their much acclaimed debut 'Tutti Il Colori Del Buio' 12" (Dark Descent/Contagion) and their highly sought after out of print split with Finland's Hooded Menace, ILSA is back with their sophomore LP. Their most crushing execution yet, 'Intoxicantations' is a ten track crust/doom infused journey through vice and sin recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Developing Nations) and masterd by James Plotkin of Khanate."

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. Foreign Lander
03. Intoxicantations
04. Deadbeat’s Ballad
05. Man-Made Monsters
06. Say You Love Satan
07. The Scream
08. Fluid Bound
09. Martyrs
10. Skin and Bones