A389 Recordings

IRON REAGAN "Spoiled Identity"

"Originally only available as a Decibel Magazine flexi, this sought-after IRON REAGAN EP is finally back in print with 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks and screen-printed artwork on the B-side! 13 tracks of no-filler, zero-bullshit thrashing punk/hardcore featuring members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour and Mammoth Grinder."

Track Listing
01. Tongue Tied
02. The Living Skull
03. I’m Regret
04. Zero Gain
05. One Shovel Short of a Funeral
06. Spoiled Identity
07. Your Kid’s an Asshole
08. The Hungry Male (of Wall St.)
09. Cops Don’t Like Me, I Don’t Like Cops
10. Declaration of War
11. I Spit on Your Face/Grave
12. Court Adjourned
13. The Hill Witch