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Parade Of Spectres

JACKALS "Everyday Fabric"


"JACKALS is a six piece band from Norwich, United Kingdom who formed in 2010. JACKALS play an absolutely brutal and punishing style of hardcore/punk that's blackened, metallic, and venomous as fuck. Everyday Fabric is the band's third release and these six songs do not diasppoint. To date, JACKALS have released a four song cassette entitled Survival Instincts, a split with Self Loathing, No Coast, and Grazes. Overall, these six songs are ultra pissed, venomous, and angry as hell. Overall, this is a killer EP and JACKALS is a must listen for fans of Caulfield, Trenchfoot, Low Places, and Colony."

Track Listing
01. Iron Age Warfare
02. Everyday Fabric
03. Profit
04. Rudderless
05. Under the Guise of the Law
06. Dead Patriots