JUNGBLUTH "Lovecult"

"JUNGBLUTH, for those who don't know, is an incredible, heavy band from Munster, Germany with strong feelings of distaste towards any forms of oppression. They just self-released their 2nd LP, "Lovecult". With this new record the band matured in both production and sound. The production is really odd as the guitar tones are pretty clean, the snare sound is rough and the vocals sound like they are coming from a blown out P/A. There are a lot of interesting layers to JUNGBLUTH's sound, a certain undercurrent of darkness beneath even its most aggressive moments, and even a pinch of sardonic exasperation. Everything about this record, and especially regarding the production quality, is deliberate."

Track Listing
01. Everytime Geradeaus
02. King Of The Hill
03. Schrödinger’s Katze
04. Charades
05. Untitled
06. Sternstunden der Doppelmoral
07. Dead Keys
08. Lokalkolorit
09. Overdose Us
10. Empathy Is Not A Competition