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KEITZER "As The World Burns"


"To tell you the truth KEITZER is one of those bands that everyone’s been raving about, but that I’ve never really given a serious listen. I had them lined up as another neocrust-clone á la From Ashes Rise, so those of you who are familiar with KEITZER know how way off I was. Imagine my surprise when that’s what I expect, melodic and angst-filled crustcore, and absolutely raging grindcore hits me when I press play.

My initial reaction here is that this is some extremely dense grindcore, but that is far from the entire recipe that makes As the world burns. The speed is grindcore, with the drumming reminiscent of death metal in the European styled brutality. The riffing is an entirely different agenda though, as tons of emotions and melody is added through some slick hardcore-ish vibes. But what also shines through here is the death metal once again, with some riffs taking me across the border, away from Europe and landing dead-center in Florida. But then at times there’s this His Hero Is Gone-emotional state going on. And well, while this is brutal-as-hell there are so many nuances within the riffing that one could try to dissect for an eternity.

Tons of blasting is of course a must for a grindcore act, but mixed in with this are slower parts of some anguished melody (without losing the brutality due to the bass-drum action). And this adds lots of versatility and dimension to the album. The vocals are top-notch, with a harsh screamed voice lying somewhere in between crust and grind, suiting the music perfectly. And this comes presented in a thick and hefty production, letting each and every instrument play its part. I will without a doubt look up their older releases, and kick myself for being too stubborn to check them out earlier."


Track Listing
01. Corporation
02. As The World Burns
03. Kharkhadan of Nuclear Winter
04. Doom Shall Rise
05. Panzersohn
06. Drifting
07. M.O.D.E. 3452
08. Ordinary Madness
09. Intro / Duction
10. Throw The Bolt
11. This Life
12. Severe
13. No Justice No Peace