7 Degrees Records

KEITZER "The Last Defence"


"The German blastbeat lunatics are back to burn the hell down with their brand new 5th. studio album named "The Last Defence". After the successfully last album "Descend Into Heresy" from 2011 they present 14 new stunning and bulldozing tracks somewhere between Misery Index, Marduk, early Deicide etc.. Recorded mixed and mastered at Soundlodge Studio by Jörg Uken. Cover artwork by Florian Furtkamp."

Track Listing
01. Bellum Indicere
02. Exist To Destroy
03. This Is The Only Solution
04. Forever War
05. Marching Forward To Victory
06. The Last Defence
07. Next Offensive
08. We Are The Serpents Of Doom
09. Fleshcrawl
10. Todgeweiht
11. Glorious Dead
12. Ausgelöscht
13. Crusade
14. …Before Annihilation