Van Records


"KING DUDE returns with his latest meditation in eleven parts entitled "Sex". Following his tradition of song writing by divination from his good Lord Lucifer, the King challenges the listener to explore the theme of sexuality through nothing other than spiritual rock n' roll (of course). From the opening track you can tell that KING DUDE is out for blood and sweat and that he wants to drag you down an amphetimine and whiskey soaked joyride in a dune buggy through the darkest depths of his bizarre mind."

Track Listing
01. Holy Christos
02. Who Taught You How To Love
03. I Wanna Die at 69
04. Our Love Will Carry On
05. Sex Dungeon (USA)
06. Conflict & Climax
07. The Leather One
08. Swedish Boys
09. Prisoners
10. The Girls
11. Shine Your Light