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Conspiracy Records

KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT "The Nebulous Dreams"


"After an initial wave of entangled, bowed-string dissonance, you'll soon find yourself struck by how closely this album orbits the Current 93 sonic globe, with Stef Irritant's vocals all-but imitating David Tibet's devilish delivery. There's less of an obvious folk influence at work here though, and 'Between Skylla And Charybdis' is a more of a diabolic avant-rock incantation than doom-folk prophecy. Next comes the medieval organ tones and ceremonial repetitions of 'Dyptich', whose title, in conjunction with those contrivedly silly vocals invites some sort of joke involving the word 'dipstick'. Finally, 'Miserere' arrives at the sinister, pagan folk recipe Nebulous Dreams has been hinting at all along, installing some bells, fingerpicked acoustic guitar and (more likely than not) a Maypole."

Track Listing
01. Between Skylla And Charibdis
02. Dyptich
03. Miserere