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Head Records

KNUT "Bastardiser"

Bastardiser is Knut’s second album, it is also the key album of the band’s career. Initially released in 1998 on Snuff Records the Geneva label, then on vinyl on the German label Chrome Saint Magnus and then re-released in 2000 by Hydrahead in a CD version. This album, which has left its mark on the European post-metal scene, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018. It is therefore almost a year late that Head Records reissues this album in vinyl format 180 gram with a reworked cover featuring the artwork of the original CD version, and a remastering by Lad, guitarist of the band Nostromo. More bold and precise this work on the initial recording puts the album in a current context demonstrating that two decades later this tracks has lost none of its bite and effectiveness. Is Bastardiser timeless ?

Track Listing :
01. Crawling On All Fours
02. Engine
03. The Whip
04. Hi / Low
05. Merge
06. Fungus
07. Wiped Out
08. Descent
09. Crouch