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Funeral Party

LACE "Human Condition"


Crawling out of the darkness in early 2016, Houston's Lace grabbed several lifetimes of depression, displacement, and outsider feelings, and stuffed them into one-minute blasts of brutal, lo-fidelity hardcore. Months after forming, their six song demo "My Mask Is Off" caught the attention of press and punks worldwide with its unrelenting power and unhinged non-production. The recordings were bleak, desperate and dripping with an almost starving urgency and that dark energy carried over into the band's gratingly loud live shows. Still very much outside any scene or subculture, even in their own town, the band played rarely, toured minimally, and opened for like-minded acts like Total Abuse, Dropdead, Protomartyr, and Elysia Crampton when they rolled through Texas. 

Track Listing: 
01. Amnesia 
02. Dead Umbrella 
03. Roman Candle 
04. Tension 
05. Poison Drum 
06. On a Rung 
07. Mapplethorpe (The Leper Song) 
08. Moral Trip 
09. Spectator 
10. Paradise, Coming Down