Black Lake Records


"OAKEN hail from Budapest, Hungary and this is their song from the 4 Way split 12" with LOCKTENDER/COMA REGALIA/WOUNDED KNEE. OAKEN is a downtempo/post-hardcore/doomy/experimental band with main influences from Catharsis, Envy, Fall of Efrafa and 90's screamo bands. This seems to be the first OAKEN official release (they have a demo titled The Hunter). Zugló, OAKEN's song is a eleven minute epic rhapsody with screamed vocals and pessimistic dark lyrics, acoustic parts, slow passages and goes faster it reminds Fall of Efrafa and flirts with neo-crust genre."

1. Locktender - The White Dam
2. Wounded Knee - Bath Salts
3. Wounded Knee - Krokodil
4. Wounded Knee - Sitting Bull
5. Coma Regalia - Won
6. Oaken - Zugló

Track Listing