Relapse Records

LOCRIAN "Return To Annihilation"


"Chicago’s blackened noise geniuses LOCRIAN spent the second half of 2012 crafting ‘Return To Annihilation’, their Relapse debut. Locrian have been creating their own brand of epic noise drone for close to a decade, but ‘Return To Annihilation’ is the culmination of their sound. Equal parts black metal, noise and drone, LOCRIAN’s ‘Return To Annihilation’ is a terrifyingly beautiful vision of bright menace. The soundtrack of the bright white lights we’ll all see before the very end of days."

Track Listing
01. Eternal Return
02. A Visitation From the Wrath of Heaven
03. Two Moons
04. Return to Annihilation
05. Exiting the Hall of Vapor and Light
06. Panorama of Mirrors
07. Obsolete Elegies