Spanish Grindcore veterans LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER return with their first full length in 6 years. "DIOS CARNE” is a visceral sonic descent into the deepest layers of carnism and human depravity. Ethically aware, yet fucking pissed and ready to devour the opposition, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER have unleashed their most focused collection of anti-harmonic orchestrations to date. Straight to the throat grindcore with a heavy old school death metal influence, that promises to unrelentingly punish the listener.

“DIOS CARNE” is not just a concept album, but a musical statement abundant in blast beat precision that will simultaneously satisfy speed freaks and obliterate brain matter.

Track Listing :
01. Deflagración
02. La Carne del Leviatán
03. Sol Negro
04. Utopía de Sangre
05. Apoteosis
06. Redención
07. Invierno Eterno
08. Rito De Autofagia
09. Autofagia
10. Némesis
11. Demiurgo
12. Mártir Matarife
13. Muerte Lenta
14. Liberación