Moment Of Collapse

MAUDLIN "A Sign Of Time"


"A Sign of Time" will present a re-invented approach of MAUDLIN's (BE) psychedelic doom/rock. The listener will be subjected to MAUDLIN's raw soul and deep emotions, drenched in a hallucinogenic atmospheric pool, combined with sheer brutal power. It'll become clear that MAUDLIN evolved into a roaring beast! Maturity and intensity are the keywords to this album and the live shows that will accompany the release. "A Sign of Time" is a conceptual album for fans of Neurosis, Cave In, Type O Negative, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd..."

Track Listing
01. Hours
02. She Whispers Treason
03. Lilith
04. A Perfect Sky of Black
05. Become Minutes
06. Ride the Second Wave
07. Goddess of the Flame
08. Chasing Shades
09. Turn to Seconds