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Relapse Records

MERZBOW "Venereology"

The undisputed king of Japanese noise MERZBOW returns, as the landmark album Venereology celebrates 25 tinnitus-inducing years with its inaugural vinyl pressing! Remastered by James Plotkin (ISIS, ELECTRIC WIZARD, FULL OF HELL, and more) and featuring reworked art, this is the most extreme recording of harsh electronic sickness you will ever own! Venereology features a second LP with more than 20 minutes of unreleased bonus material.

Track Listing :   
1. Ananga-Ranga Part 1
2. Ananga-Ranga Part 2
3. Klo Ken Phantasie
4. Last Splash
5. Slave New Desart
6. TD 3
7. Outtrack 1
8. Outtrack 2