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Stonehenge Records



"Modern Love is a hardcore punk band from Oslo feat. former members of classy Norwegian bands like DAMAGE CONTROL, DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, SUBJECT TO CHANGE and KIDS LIKE US. Their sound is perfectly executed blend of the bands from mid 80's revolution summer DC bands, early Scandinavian punk and wave (like Ebba Gron and Kjøtt), anarcho-post-punk (Zounds, The Mob, etc.) or UK pop. These songs are the result of playing together for many years, using this band as a way of channeling their love for punk and all its different sub genres. Always with an emphasis on hooks and vocal melodies, with the lyrics about depression, alienation, isolation, hopelessness, hope, solidarity and love. Their first full LP titled "Tross alt" is coming as a co-release between Refuse Records and Stonehenge Records."

Track Listing:
01. Nødinngang
02. Hold Meg
03. Hat
04. Ekstase
05. Glasshus
06. Vi åpner Kjeften
07. Rift
08. Hacienda
09. Ingensteds