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MOMENTUM "Herbivore"


"MOMENTUM formed in 2011, featuring members of Plague Mass, Light Bearer, Fall of Efrafa. 2nd LP by this outstanding HC Band. MOMENTUM is playing driving, melodic and pissed off DIY hardcore punk, both crushing and uplifting, ignoring sub-genres and getting back to the basics of why we love fast political music. The lyrics are all about veganism. 180 Gram Deluxe pressing with heavy cover and huge heavy booklet + lyric insert. Art by Alex CF (Fall Of Efrafa, Light Bearer and Momentum)"

Track Listing
01. Barbarity
02. Insensitive
03. I Am Not A Living Grave
04. Herbivore
05. Speciesism
06. Realities Of The Dairy Industry
07. Punk Rock Is Saving Lives
08. Conscientious Objector