Church Of Fuck



"MONOLOTHIAN are a blackened doom metal two-piece from Falmouth UK, and this release, a co-op between Moshtache Records, Church Of Fuck, Bitter North Records, Atomsmasher Records and Riotous Outburst Records on 12” clear vinyl features their debut EP ‘One’ on one side and their second EP ‘Zero’ on the other.

Although they consist of just 2 members, they make more of a racket than most bands. If Electric Wizard and Darkthrone waged an epic battle against each other, then the outcome might be similar to the sound of MONOLITHIAN, their riffs are rooted in all the best parts of doom and sludge metal and are topped with evil black metal vocals, the end result being nothing short of evil personified. The tracks here will appeal to fans of the currently thriving UK underground sludge metal scene made up of bands such as Slabdragger, Iron WItch, Conan and Dragged Into Sunlight."

Track Listing
01. Yog Sothoth
02. The Dry
03. Cruithne
04. 666lbs (Bongzilla Cover)
05. Baptism
06. Under The Obelisk
07. Azothoth
08. The Anointed One