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Les Acteurs De L'Ombre

MOONREICH "Pillars Of Detest"


Following their two full-lengths and two EPs, MOONREICH will strike again in September with a new album on Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions. The gloomy and harsh atmospheres combined with thundering blast beats and crushing mid-tempo sections so prevalent in MOONREICH’s music have evolved and reached higher spheres with this third full-length. Once again recorded at the famous Hybreed Studio (Glorior Belli, Temple Of Baal, Seth…), and mastered by Magnus ‘Devo’ Andersson (Marduk, Funeral Mist, Ofermod …), this new album asserts the band’s identity through its dark and muggy atmospheres. A straightforward album filled with a true individuality, which will take the band to the forefront of the French Black Metal scene.

Track Listing :
1. Ad Nauseam
2. Believe & Behead
3. Long Time Awaited Funeral
4. Sheïtan
5. Pillar of Detest - World Shroud
6. All Born Sick
7. Freikorps
8. Death Winged Majesty