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MORGUE "The Process To Define The Shape Of Self Loathing"


"2002's critically acclaimed 'The process to define the shape of self-loathing' by France's MORGUE is finally made available on vinyl. This milestone of relentless blasting is a blitzkrieg attack over senses. Extreme metal as an incinerating definition and purposedly cold, MORGUE calculate through blistering speed and grooves. The follow-up to 'Artgore' dispatches 9 tracks that create MORGUE's new battle over destruction."

Track Listing:
01. Homesick 
02. My Life Is Sicker Than Your Band 
03. Kerri Lenardic 
04. There Is No End Of The Harvest 
05. In Between Storms 
06. (Pig) In Human Form 
07. Heart Shape Substance 
08. 1909 
09. Meridian