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MUDWEISER "Angel Lust"

Trends come and go, but there will always be a place for crunching riffs and hard-driving rhythms. Mudweiser’s chief asset is the convincing, whiskey-soaked growl of Reuno Lofofora: An intimidating presence who leads his troops through equal does of Southern-rock and stoner-metal workouts, with the ruthlessness of Napoleon Bonaparte. It’s early days yet, but right now the Montpellier four-piece are milking a winning formula.

Track Listing :
01. Bloody Hands
02. Rumble Love
03. Dead Point
04. Best Served Cold
05. Swimming On The Bottom
06. Black Bird
07. Chuch a Luck
08. Foreplay
09. Witch Song
10. Burning Tree
11. Back Road
12. Nights In White Satin