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MUDWEISER "So said the snake"


Under the hard sun of Montpellier, the four Mudweisers included Reuno, the front man from the famous fusion band Lofofora, took their instruments without overthinking their purpose. The ambition was clear: playing loud, bold, whisky fuelled Rock’n’roll with a serious stench of southern decadence ! Their sludgy sound takes the shortcut from the ears straight to the guts, avoiding carefully the brain, and drags you in their world where losers are kings. With two full-length, a EP and countless tours over Europe, Mudweiser took over the throne of Stoner “made in France” and they're not going to lose it with "So Said The Snake".

Track Listing :
01. Fairy Tale
02. Black Magic Priestess
03. Evil Twin
04. Useless Prick
05. 7am Zombies
06. The Story Of Joe Buck
07. 777
08. The Snake