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NERVUS "Tough Crowd"

Watford’s finest indie-punks Nervus are back with their new record - Tough Crowd.

Stepping away from their signature self-recording, and with Neil Kennedy (Creeper, Milk Teeth) on board, the band’s new collaborative approach produces a set of results that’s there for all to hear.

While Em remains lyrically as political and hopeful as ever, Tough Crowd is ferocious, joyful, and as biting as it is inviting. It’s Nervus, but sounds like if Crass had helped write Pinkerton. Get it in your ears.

Track Listing :
01. Flies
02. The Inconvenient Truth
03. They Don't
04. Piss
05. Engulf You
06. Fake
07. I Can't Dance
08. No Nations
09. Burn
10. Where’d You Go