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Relapse Records

NEUROSIS "A Sun That Never Sets"


A Sun That Never Sets blends unprecedented beauty and radiance with NEUROSIS' classic use of dynamics and power. Highly regarded as one of the most important and influential albums of the 21st century, A Sun That Never Sets is the ultimate juxtaposition of life's plain realities - a strong will in a world that inspires weakness."

Super deluxe vinyl reissue pressed on 180 gram oxblood vinyl and housed in Stoughton 'tip-on' jackets. Digital download included with vinyl.

Track Listing
01. Erode
02. The Tide
03. From the Hill
04. A Sun that Never Sets
05. Falling Unknown
06. From Where Its Roots Run
07. Crawl Back In
08. Watchfire
09. Resound
10. Stones from the Sky